Travis Mushett is a writer, editor, educator, photographer, and a recent graduate of the Communications PhD program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. His academic research centers on the resurgence of "little magazines" in the digital age, with particular emphasis on how these independent intellectual, critical, artistic, and literary publications have been shaped by the changing political economy of American higher education. 

This interest in little magazines is practical as well as scholastic. Travis is the founder and editor-in-chief of Blunderbuss Magazine, an organ of criticism, literature, politics, art, comics, and "other aesthetic shrapnel." Harvard University's Nieman Journalism Lab has praised Blunderbuss for "synthesizing the best of the classical liberal arts canon with a deliriously diverse range of literary, philosophical, and historic sources, all for the purpose of shining light on present-day political and intellectual problems." YES! Magazine hailed it as one of the most exciting projects to emerge from Occupy Wall Street, and work originally published in Blunderbuss has been honored with inclusion in Sundress Publications' prestigious Best of the Net Anthology. In addition to its web presence, Blunderbuss launched a free newsprint publication in Fall 2016.

Travis has taught courses in media history and theory at Columbia University, Fordham University, and Marymount Manhattan College.

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